UK ManageEngine Specialists

UK Expertise

We really do have in-house expertise in the specification, installation, configuration and deployment of the ManageEngine software solutions. Our in-house sales and technical teams have been actively involved with the ManageEngine suite of software solutions since 2005 - we don't believe any other UK reseller can lay claim to the same credentials. What's more, they are all based here in the UK.


Not Just Any Old Reseller

Active participation and dialogue with new and existing ManageEngine customers via the ManageEngine Forums. Just pop onto the ManageEngine Forums, look for 'set3' and you'll see we are regularly assisting customers with their questions and issues concerning the ManageEngine software solutions.


We Know Our Onions

Our specialists are often assisting customers with bespoke report queries or product 'tweaks' to get the best out of the solutions. One way or another we can advise you if the ManageEngine tools do what you need or if there is a potential 'work round' to get you going.

Cresting The Waves

We pride ourselves on keeping abreast of the latest happenings with the ManageEngine suite. Yes there may be other resellers with ManageEngine experience but have they kept up to speed with the ever changing suite of solutions? We are actively supplying and supporting all of these solutions TODAY!


Fools Gold

Yes some love to tell you how they ‘flog it cheaper’. We always try to offer competitive pricing but is it really worth foregoing dedicated ‘in-house’ expertise to save a few quid? We want the ManageEngine tools to be highly regarded, as they quite rightly are by many organisations, but this can sometimes only happen with a reliable and knowledgeable UK team to provide advice, backup and support.

Dell SonicWALL Preferred Partner

set3 Solutions are proud to maintain their status as a Dell SonicWALL partner having recently been comfirmed as a Dell Preferred Partner in Dell's new partner programme.


set3 Solutions can readily demonstrate their commitment to the Dell SonicWALL brand through maintaining the highest levels of certification. In this regard set3 Solutions have recently become only the sixth company in the UK to have their consultancy resources gain the new advanced technical certification for the Dell SonicWALL firewall appliances.